Coin Hunt World Newsletter

Weekly newsletter with all the latest news about Coin Hunt World. Stay on top of all the changes. Please add your country so I can send you country specific information.

  • Release Dates for new Countries: I will send country specific emails when the game gets released in your country. Don’t miss out on being one of the first players in your country and be able to place your user vaults in the best locations.
  • New Cubies and Blueprints: I will let you know what the next cubie and blueprints are as soon as the info gets leaked anywhere.
  • Next Events: I will keep you informed with all the news about the next event.
  • New Features: I will keep track of all the new features added to the game and also mention possible implementations hinted by the developers of the game.
  • Tips and Tricks: Tips and Tricks useful for beginners and advanced CHW players.
  • And so much more

I only store your e-mail address and country selection (optional), nothing else. I keep track of all Coin Hunt World news for the Wiki, so I thought I might make a newsletter to keep everyone interested up to date as well. I will send a maximum of one (1) email per week.

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